Dolly and Akubra

Following Dolly’s death, Akubra Hats posted an emotional plea on social media.


“This is not an easy post to write. We were shocked and distressed to hear of the passing of “Dolly” – the young girl many of you will recognise from our past Christmas adverts. This beautiful photo was taken 8 years ago.
Dolly chose to end her life last week due to bullying. She was not even 15 years old.
To think that anyone could feel so overwhelmed and that this was their only option is unfathomable. Bullying of any type is unacceptable. It is up to us to stand up when we see any kind of bullying behaviour. Dolly could be anyone’s daughter, sister, friend. We need to make sure that anyone in crisis knows there is always someone to talk to. Be a friend, check up on your mates.
Our hearts go out to her family and friends.
“Dolly” Amy Jayne Everett 1.5.2003-3.1.2018
#stopbullyingnow #doitfordolly #justbekind”

Akubra Christmas advert featuring Dolly Everett.

Over the subsequent months Akubra spoke with Tick and Kate of their idea to create a pin that could be worn in memory of Dolly and to raise funds for Dolly’s Dream. The “Pins of Hope” Dolly’s Dream pin was launched on Dolly’s birthday 2018. To date around 6000 pins have been sold. Pins are available for purchase HERE