Aussies to get behind Tick and Kate Everett on the first Do It For Dolly Day

Schools and workplaces will be awash with blue on Friday 10 May, when everyone stands together against bullying on the inaugural Do It For Dolly Day.

With one in four students bullied and one in five cyber bullied, Dolly Everett’s father, Tick, says he hopes a community show of strength would drive home the anti-bullying message on Do It For Dolly Day.

“By coming together and getting behind the cause, people will encourage their mates to do the same and, before long, everyone will feel brave enough to speak out against bullying,” he says.

On Do It For Dolly Day people can commemorate Dolly and support her family’s mission by “going blue” at school or work and holding fundraising events to help provide valuable resources to parents of bullied children.

Kate Everett says remembering to always treat others with respect is a positive first step in lessening the impact of bullying.

“Blue was Dolly’s favourite colour and we’re hoping that creating a sea of blue on Do It For Dolly Day will remind people to be kind to those around them,” she says.