Georgia Barnes becomes the newest Dolly’s Dream Community Champion

Cook, educator and nutritionist Georgia Barnes is the 2019 Dolly’s Dream Community Champion for Bridge to Brisbane.

Georgia is excited to represent Dolly’s Dream, alongside her cousin, in the 10km race on Sunday, 25 August.

“Dolly’s Dream is an amazing, incredibly worthy cause, and something that I really care about,” Georgia says.

“The Bridge to Brisbane is an awesome excuse to get outside in beautiful Brisbane and show support for something really important.”

Georgia has zero tolerance for online bullying.

“It really shocks me how easy it is for people to send words away without realising the impact they have on other people,” she says.

“There’s no place for bullying.”

Inspired by Dolly’s Dream’s ‘be kind’ sentiment, Georgia encourages everyone to make a conscious effort to share kindness every day.

“Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, there’s always an opportunity to be kind,” she said.

“If you can do something nice for someone, do it. It could be as simple as leaving a positive comment online to share those good vibes.”

Georgia is passionate about educating and sharing cooking through workshops to help inspire and empower others in the kitchen.

On race day, she’ll be looking to Dolly’s Dream and those around her for inspiration.

“I love running, but usually only do short courses. I think the support of everyone else around me will definitely help on race day.”

The Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane will be held on Sunday 25 August. You can sponsor the Dolly’s Dream Bridge to Brisbane team, or join the Dolly’s Dream race team and sign up as a VIP Charity Hero.