Welcome to the Parent Hub!

Many parents know that teaching their kids about online safety education is important, but many of us are not quite know how to go about it. That’s why we developed the Parent Hub.

The Parent Hub is designed to make your life a little easier – we’ve done all research for you by gathering the most trusted information from the internet about online safety and bullying.

The Parent Hub is structured to help all parents – no matter what their parenting style – because we appreciate that you might want to deal with cyber safety issues in your own way. Some of us have strict rules about using technology and some of us don’t. Whatever your style, the Parent Hub is here to help give you the most reliable info about bullying.

The four ‘typical’ parenting styles on our site were formed by consultancy firm PwC, and takes into account the growing challenges in the digital world and how they affect young people and their parents. The research included a whole lot of different people – from different backgrounds, different parts of the country, different incomes, different lifestyles, different family set-ups, as well as kids of all ages.

“There’s no shortage of reliable resources to help parents with online safety, but the sheer volume can be overwhelming,” says Kate Everett.

“The Parent Hub simplifies that as a single point of trustworthy and regularly updated information, so parents won’t have to scour the internet for resources to help their children.”

Hot topics currently covered on the Parent Hub include bullying and cyber bullying, communication with teens, online stranger danger, porn, violence and social media.

“With these new resources we hope to reset the discussion around cyber bullying. We’re asking young people to start a conversation among themselves and we’re providing parents with the right tools so they can be part of the solution.”

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