Are your words doing damage?

Kate and Tick Everett have welcomed a first-of-its-kind anti-bullying video created by teens for teens.

Written and directed for Dolly’s Dream by 15-year-old filmmaker Charlotte McLaverty, and with the backing of young American musician Billie Eilish, the video takes a fresh approach to tackling cyber bullying.

The story draws attention to the widespread nature of cyber bullying, and highlights how much it can impact a person, asking young viewers, “Are your words doing damage?”.

Kate says she hopes the video will make teens stop and think about the impact their words could be having and get young people speaking up about this issue.

“Dolly left us with a message that was ‘speak even if your voice shakes’. I hope this video will touch home for a lot of teens and help them understand that speaking up about bullying can help to stop it,” Kate says.

“And I hope it reveals to parents how cyber bullying can happen anywhere, even at the dining table or watching TV with the family.

“The video reinforced to us how cyber bullying can happen in the home without parents even being aware,” said Kate.

The teenage director of the video, Charlotte McLaverty, hopes her film connects with teenagers in a different way to traditional resources.

“I hope this video influences people my age to have a conversation about how we speak to each other and to think before we write a toxic message online,” she says.

“I also hope it gives parents an insight into the isolation that young people can face when they are cyber bullied, so we can all ultimately speak up about this issue.”

Click here to see the video.