First Youth Summit for young people living with drought in New South Wales

Dolly’s Dream is partnering with UNICEF Australia, with the support of the NSW Government and the Primary Health Network, to host the first Youth Summit for young people living with drought.


Held from October 9-11, the NSW Youth Summit on Living with Drought will see 100 young people aged 14-24 working towards solutions they can take to decision-makers.


They will discuss the challenges they face living with drought in NSW and how responses can be improved.


The three-day Summit will explore the ways decision-makers can best support children and young people to build resilience and become better prepared to reduce the negative impacts of ongoing and future drought and presents an opportunity for young people living with drought to have a break from the land, work with their peers who are going through similar struggles, and have an opportunity to connect, engage and reflect.


NSW Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, Bronnie Taylor, said the summit will also develop the scope and shape of responses young people would like to see undertaken to assist and enhance their ability to cope with and prepare for seemingly intensifying and increasingly protracted drought conditions in the future.


Dolly’s Dream is supporting the Summit to better inform our program design and development processes. A Dolly’s Dream staff member will be present.