Take the pledge with your family on Safer Internet Day to end bullying and choose kindness

On Safer Internet Day (11 February), Kate and Tick Everett, the founders of anti-bullying initiative, Dolly’s Dream, launched a new tool, DigiPledge, to help parents, carers and families be safer online.

Kate says the new DigiPledge is very important to them.

“It’s a promise to end bullying and choose kindness,” she says.

“And it gives parents and carers the chance to talk to their kids about their online world. By doing this, we believe they’ll be more comfortable coming to you if they’re being hassled or bullied online.

“And that’s exactly what you want them to do.”

Using real-life scenarios, DigiPledge teaches adolescents how to make the right choices online. Families together explore topics around online safety, including bullying, privacy and gaming.

After completion, they download a DigiPledge certificate, where all family members pledge to act together and help stop bullying and cyber bullying.

Parenting expert and father of six daughters, Dr Justin Coulson, spent a couple of hours going through the DigiPledge and talking all things internet safety with four of his girls.

“We found that it gave us opportunities to discuss the different topics, experiences and questions the children had about cyber safety,” he says.

“It turned into a genuinely impactful discussion for everyone – from nine-year-old Lilli up to 17-year-old Abbie. They thought they knew all the answers, but it turns out they didn’t!”

Justin says taking the pledge to be kind online and look out for others is a powerful moment.

“All the kids were in. They know Dolly’s story and understand why it’s so important to be kind and respectful online.”

DigiPledge is available via Dolly’s Dream Parent Hub and is priced at $10 per family, with all money going straight back to Dolly’s Dream.