Being kind and doing it for Dolly

Friday 8 May is the second annual Do it for Dolly Day. Last year, we saw thousands of amazing Aussie communities come together, dress in blue and celebrate Dolly’s birthday. It gave everyone who had been touched by Dolly’s story the chance to express their support. And we’re still so grateful.

This year, we hope the day will not only honour Dolly’s memory, but make sure those important conversations continue around bullying and online safety, and how kindness and compassion can change the outcome of a day.

Although Dolly’s Dream is about ensuring parents and carers have access to accurate, evidenced-based research around keeping their children safe online, its underlying theme is kindness.

Be kind. The message has never been more important. In a world where everything seems to have ground to a halt, let’s keep this message moving forward by paying kindness forward.

We can’t ask you to celebrate together in the traditional sense. But we’re asking you to help us remember Dolly this year by dressing and decorating in blue (her favourite colour) and sharing your photos with us.

And please share with us your family’s acts of kindness via #DoItForDollyDay.

It might be your children being kind to each other. It might be thinking up ways to connect with your friends and family to ensure they’re safe and well. Looking out for the elderly. Teaching your kids a new skill, reading together, learning, studying and working in the same room. Send in your photos, share your stories, please!

This Friday 8 May, let’s still get together – even in spirit – and celebrate kindness. Let’s Do it for Dolly.