Our second annual Do it for Dolly Day

Friday 8 May saw thousands of our amazing community around the country celebrate the second annual Do it for Dolly Day.

People, businesses and communities around the country were awash with blue on the day, championing kindness.

Blue was Dolly’s favourite colour and creating a sea of blue on Do it for Dolly Day is a reminder for people to be kind to those around them. Remembering to always treat others with respect is a positive first step in lessening the impact of bullying.

Be kind. The message has never been more important. In a world where everything seems to have ground to a halt, we’re helping to keep this message moving forward by paying kindness forward.

Do it for Dolly Day not only honours Dolly’s memory, it also make sure those important conversations continue around bullying and online safety, and how kindness and compassion can change the outcome of a day.