Introducing our Dolly’s Dream online workshops

Our use of devices and connection to the internet has soared this year.

Many of us made the transition to working from home, and in many cases home schooling, very quickly. And throughout all this we ‘used’ technology more than ever before, but how much did we ‘understand’ the technology we were using?

At Dolly’s Dream, we’re committed to improving digital safety, increasing digital literacy and reducing on and offline bullying. That’s why we’ve launched an online suite of educational workshops for students, teachers and parents so that you can enhance your students’ knowledge, support your staff and engage your parenting community.

Delivered by teacher-trained facilitators, these engaging, live virtual workshops are designed to enhance your understanding of positive device use and overall digital safety.

Fill out the form to register your interest in hosting a Dolly’s Dream online safety workshop session at your school, click here to learn more about the workshops on offer or scroll down to read what people are saying about our workshops.

Our online sessions are just $10 a head per class size (a minimum of 20 participants per session, and a maximum of 30).


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What people are saying about our workshops

“I feel so much more able to support my kids and minimize risks.” – Parent

“The kids loved it!” – Teacher

“Great platform for parents to engage … being able to ask questions in real time and seek clarification was helpful.” – Parent

“It was very informative even for someone like me who has some knowledge of social media.” – Deputy Principal