September fundraising round-up

Our fundraisers have been busy!

Shannyn Rummenie and her friend Bee ran a virtual Bridge to Brisbane in their hometown of Brigalow.  They invited friends to join them on Saturday 12 September to run either the 5km or 10km, and they even included a 2km distance to get even more people involved! So far Shannyn has raised $1,504, beating her goal of $1,000.

Grace Belton ran a hugely successful online horse show that raised $3,495 and she’s now doing a horse calendar fundraiser – which is going off, we might add!

Have you ever seen a horse paint?! Honey, Grace’s horse, has painted a, well, painting for us to auction – you can see her in action below.

Barb Mulder has been busy hand-making back cushions and pencil cases, and is now making face masks, raising close to $1,000 and donating all to Dolly’s Dream.

Nathan Powell held a comedy show fundraiser at the Cox Peninsula Country Club in the Northern Territory, with close to 300 people attending and raising more than $5,000.

“The crowd were so amazing – I would love to not only thank the comedians, Cox Country Club, Sealink and Spitz and Giggles (caterers), I would also like to mention the crowd as they were such a great group of people. It was an epic event getting everyone there and back using Sealink and something I am so proud of.” – Nathan.


What’s coming up?

Join our City2Surf team!

City2Surf is going virtual. Map out a 14km route to rival the views of Bondi and join the Dolly’s Dream City2Surf virtual team to get started. The big day is Sunday 18 October, so let’s get training!