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Our call to include children and young people’s views has been heard

Our call to include children and young people’s views has been heard

The parliamentary inquiry investigating social media and online safety has accepted a call from Dolly’s Dream to extend its reporting period so it can also hear directly from children and young people.

In its submission to the Federal Parliament Select Committee on Social Media and Online Safety, we questioned the short reporting period and asked that the inquiry include children and young people’s views.

Co-founder of Dolly’s Dream, Kate Everett, said she was ‘very pleased’ with the outcome.

“We made it very clear in our submission and at the Inquiry that this is a very important issue for children, young people and parents – that kids need to be heard about how we could help them be safer online,” Mrs Everett said.

Dolly’s Dream General Manager Stephen Bendle thanked Committee Chair Lucy Wicks MP for listening to Dolly’s Dream and said that we will help to bring young people before the inquiry.

He had earlier told the hearing that children’s voices needed to be heard directly.

“To be able to engage with children and young people, in particular, who are the ones most vulnerable, we think should be part of a natural process in which to tackle these issues,” Mr Bendle said.

He had also asked that rural, regional and remote communities are included in the consultation process as ‘they have additional issues associated with online services, and the use of social media – especially with children in boarding schools. This cohort deserves a particular consultation process.

Submissions will now be open from February 15 until March 8, with young people encouraged to have their say about the risks they face online.