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Finding much-needed support in the Dolly’s Dream Support Line

Finding much-needed support in the Dolly’s Dream Support Line

Sue* recently contacted the Dolly’s Dream Support Line after hearing about the service from a friend. Her daughter, Freya* had been experiencing bullying over the previous school semester and despite connecting with their primary health care team for support, they had been advised that as they are in a rural location, there would be a 6 to 12 months wait time to see a psychologist.

After approaching Dolly’s Dream, Sue initially held discussions with the clinical staff to gain an understanding of the process for Freya and discuss how she could best support her daughter. Freya had been so negatively impacted by the bullying she was currently unable to discuss her feelings. Therefore it was agreed mum would be present during initial sessions to provide support to Freya and ensure that the session was not too stressful for her.  The session was organised as an evening appointment so that Sue could attend after work.

The counsellor began the session by building rapport, asking Freya to think about a time when she had persisted at something and though there was no change at first, she eventually succeeded.  During this discussion, the counsellor was able to draw parallels between that experience and working to stop the bullying behaviours. There was also the start of some work towards supporting Freya to understand the importance of self-esteem and the counsellor is continuing to work with Freya to build upon this in the coming sessions.

Sue was also sent a link to Dolly’s Dream webpage and the Dolly’s Dream workshops registration of interest form. Sue indicated that she was keen to share this information with her daughter’s school principal and she expressed her view that this could impact bullying in the school for other children.

After the session Sue contacted Dolly’s Dream Support Line staff to express her gratitude and relief during what has been a dark time for her as a mother. The family have committed to remaining engaged in weekly treatment with the Dolly’s Dream counsellor.  Freya wants to tell all her friends about the Dollys Dream Support Line.

If you’re in need of support call or text the Dolly’s Dream Support Line on 0488 881 033, available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

*Not real names