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Doughnuts for Do It For Dolly Day

Doughnuts for Do It For Dolly Day

When Joanne Myers discovered a young friend was eating lunch in the toilets at school to escape relentless bullying, her heart ached.

The business woman has also been a victim of bullying and knows all too well the pain and distress.

“That’s why I want to support Do It For Dolly Day,” she says.

“The first time I read about Do It For Dolly Day, I right away wanted to help. I know what bullying is – and it isn’t just playground banter. It has a devastating effect.”

Joanne, a baker who owns Waterview Bakery in Paynesville, Victoria, raised funds for Dolly’s Dream last year by topping the bakery’s doughnuts and scrolls in blue icing.

This year – because of her young friend’s experience – she plans to involve local schools in order to better raise awareness of bullying and spread the message of kindness that Do It For Dolly Day is all about.

Her plan is to bake doughnuts to sell for a dollar and gift all the money to Dolly’s Dream.

“I will speak to the local schools in advance to let them know what I’m doing and they can place orders to maybe sell at the school or an event.

“That way the schools are involved and the anti-bullying message is up for discussion.”

Joanne says she knows a few other children too who are suffering at the hands of school bullies.

“It’s being dealt with but for a long time before they seek help, kids are scared and lost and can sometimes lash out.”

Joanne is delighted to use her baking skills to flag Do it For Dolly Day and bring her community together to promote tolerance and teach kids to speak up.

For more information visit Waterview Bakery Paynesville on Facebook here.