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Featured supporter – Hunter Valley Ranch Sorting Inc

Featured supporter – Hunter Valley Ranch Sorting Inc

In January, Hunter Valley Ranch Sorting Inc held a fundraising Ranch Sort and fundraiser auction in Merriwa.

“We were blown away by the response we received”, said Rosie Dooley. “We ran over 1,000 runs for the weekend, so the competitor support was huge. We had people we knew and also didn’t know contacting us about the auction and donating goods. The little town of Merriwa got right behind us and gave 100%. Our original aim was to raise $10,000, then we got a bit nervous and thought $5,000 was a good target, so we were beside ourselves to raise $14,143.

We chose Dolly’s Dream as our 2022 fundraiser because bullying impacts everyone directly or indirectly. If we can create more awareness to let those who are getting bullied know that there are options and help is available, then we have helped in some way and raised funds to support Dolly’s Dream to continue its mission.

Our big message is: Be Kind. Words can be used as bullets to hurt and cause pain and control and gain power, but they can also help, support, nurture, and protect. So, choose your words wisely and think before you speak.

Nobody remembers what you did at the end of the day, but they remember how you made them feel.

Our ranch sorting club is affiliated with Ranch Sorting of Australia Ltd. We continue to spread the message of kindness throughout the association and at all the events we hold. Our competitors are very encouraging and supportive of each other, and this is an environment we will be working hard at continuing.”

Thank you so much to the Hunter Valley Ranch Sorting Inc for your incredible fundraising effort in support of Dolly’s Dream.