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Fundraiser Story – Sophia

Fundraiser Story – Sophia

“When I first thought of doing Supportive Strings, I had no clue how I was meant to donate or to what organization I could donate to. I had never really thought about it as I am 15, and even though we hear about charities at school, I didn’t have the understanding of all of the amazing organizations raising money for so many different causes. When I started researching different organizations, I learned about Dolly’s Dream.

Dolly’s story is very similar to that of a close friend who, like Dolly, sadly took her own life at 14.  When I watched some videos, read the website, and looked at the social media page, I knew that this was the organization I wanted to fundraise for. Bullying is something that I have experienced firsthand. Sadly, this has a huge effect on a person’s mental health and life.  My friend does not have a voice, so even though there is not much that I can do, I wanted to share their story for people to know the truth and the detrimental effects one’s words and actions can have on another’s life. I am hoping by choosing Dolly’s Dream that, the educational programs that Dolly’s Dream offer to schools will help get the word out there that bullying is not OK.

I have started a fundraiser where I make handmade bracelets for $5 and bookmarks and keyrings for $8. This is so people of my age or people who might not know how to support a venture like this can, in a small but significant way.   Those who order a bracelet/other item have the option to symbolise different aspects of their lives by choosing colours representing their story, or they can pick their favourite colours.  Even though these bracelets are simple, they have a purpose and meaning behind them, so young people today can stand together in solidarity by wearing something as simple as a bracelet and feel heard.  I also post inspirational and uplifting quotes on my Instagram account for those who may wish to read them.

I started this fundraiser just over one month ago. So many people, close friends, old classmates/ teachers and by word of mouth, and complete strangers have found the account and have shown amazing support. My initial goal was to raise $500 for the entire year, but we have already quadrupled this goal. I have no set fundraising target. However, my overall goal is to continue to raise more money for Dolly’s Dream so that more young people can be educated and learn kindness so that no other child has to suffer the consequences of bullying. I am also doing this for my friend as a legacy for her.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to do something/anything to somehow support or work in bringing awareness to mental health.  Life changes every day, but I would love to continue more fundraisers for Dolly’s Dream, whether it be continuing with the bracelets or doing small fundraisers throughout the years to come for Dolly’s Day.  My ultimate goal is that Dolly’s Dream can educate everyone in all schools so that no other young lives are lost to bullying.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.”

We are so grateful for the incredible support from Sophia. What a difference her fundraising will make to our anti-bullying programs!