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Luke – Our Ultraman Supporter!

Luke – Our Ultraman Supporter!

Meet Luke, one of our amazing community supporters.

“As we have two teenage boys of our own, the conversation around bullying, anxiety and suicide in kids is most important. Quite a few of our friends are dealing with these issues with their children and it just seems quite widespread compared to when we were kids growing up. Sadly, one of our friends lost their daughter only three weeks ago.

To support Dolly’s Dream, I initially purchased several Dolly’s Dream shirts and hats from the Bairnsdale Horse Centre and wear these products everywhere. I had raised money in 2022 by training and completing Ultraman Australia. This was a three-day triathlon that covered a 10km swim, a 420km bike ride and an 84km run. I have always been looking for ways to challenge myself in triathlon since starting the sport in 2017. Recently I completed the Ultra355 Australia, which included a 5km swim, 300km bike and 50km run and after hearing of our friend losing her daughter to suicide three weeks ago, I decided to start fundraising again”.

“This event was super tough as we were coming out of a long cold winter and the heat up there certainly added another degree of difficulty. Day one was a 5km swim and a 120km ride and I finished 10th. Day two was 180km ride and I held 10th position. Day three is my nemesis, a 50km run, and dropped five positions to finish 15th overall. Only a small field of about 40 athletes so a really tight knit group that were full of support and encouragement all the time. A beautiful place to race and the committee and volunteers were amazing.

Future plans to support Dolly’s Dream will definitely come along down the track. I also support other organisations such as Beyond Blue, Motor Neurone Disease and the Royal Children’s hospital in various events through the year. I realise how much exercise helps me with my physical and mental health and just want to encourage anyone out there to try it and if I can help a few along the way then that just brilliant”.