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Monthly Update – August 2022

We’ve been on the road (quite literally!) this month with new programs launching in Katherine.

We also had some awesome supporters raising funds for Dolly’s Dream while running some amazing races across the country.

And lastly, we were humbled to have some fundraisers run by some great local clubs and organisations.

Here are our updates for August.


Over August, Dolly’s Dream was in Katherine running community co-design workshops with Y Lab and Y NT.  The aim of the workshops is to design three solutions that Dolly’s Dream can pilot within Katherine that are centered around bullying, cyber bullying, mental ill health, and suicide.

We worked with around 30 amazing people from Katherine across the three workshops, including school students, teachers, mental health practitioners and folk from the general community and had some incredible discussions and insights that we can take forward into the future pilot intervention.

The next stages of the project will be shared later in the year, so stay tuned to hear more. If you have any questions, flick Molly an email at [email protected]



Club RHINO is a rural health club at James Cook University. Many of our members are incredibly passionate about raising awareness for mental health, having seen the consequences of bullying, depression and anxiety first-hand in both our professional and personal lives. As Club RHINO is primarily focused on rural health, we thought that Dolly’s Dream, which has a particular emphasis on supporting mental health in rural areas, would be the perfect charity to support.

Club RHINO hosted a rural-themed gala ball and held a raffle to raise funds for Dolly’s Dream. The gala ball was a huge success, and we were so happy with how well the raffle was received! All the gala ball attendees were excited to support such a worthy cause, and the event raised $1000 for Dolly’s Dream and a lot of awareness for the cause. Hopefully, Club RHINO will be replicating the event and raffle at our 2023 gala ball.



Over three days in August, Dolly’s Dream presented 12 workshops to schools and parent groups in Katherine. Based on current research and targeted to the needs of young people, the Dolly’s Dream workshops build understanding around how to act with kindness- to both ourselves and others- online and offline. Younger students learnt about keeping their information private and secure to avoid unwanted contact or content, while older students were asked to consider the impact of what they post, share or view.

Across all workshops, the message that there is always help available was emphasised- from knowing how to report cyberbullying or ask for content to be removed, to finding a supportive person to talk to. By visiting schools across the region, we hope that young people can draw on this common understanding whenever they interact with others in their social circles and community.



Nicole put everything on the line this past Sunday, running the Bridge to Brisbane to support Dolly’s Dream.

Her story is one we can all relate to.

“I chose to support Dolly’s Dream to take a stand against bullying. I believe that the more people make their voices heard and not be bystanders, the more we can make a change in the lives of young people and their loved ones.”



Don’t let others tell you who you are or what you should be doing. Listen to and trust your own intuition, it knows who you truly are and what you want to be 💙