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Supporter Story – Bridie Morgan

I chose to support Dolly’s Dream because it has such an amazing platform to raise awareness about the effects of bullying. As a young 16-year-old running her own business and working/studying in the agriculture industry, I wanted to find a way to show my support for an organisation that helps young people and children in rural communities. Another reason I chose to support Dolly’s Dream is that I have had first-hand experience watching and not knowing how to help someone close to me who is getting bullied at school for unexpected reasons, which created a passion in me to want to help others going through the same thing.

Morgan ‘N’ Co supports Dolly’s Dream by linking our fundraising page to the Morgan ‘N’ Co social media channels and our website to collect donations from our customers. We also promote Dolly’s Dream with posters and donation tins during rodeos, markets, and field days. Morgan ‘N’ Co also donates $1 from every clothing item sold, which includes our hoodies, footy shorts, half zips, and t-shirts sold by Morgan ‘N’ Co.

Our donations are going well. We have hit over our $500 fundraising target and continue to raise more each day when we sell more and more clothing items. Our hoodies and half zips have gone exceptionally well during winter, which meant we could donate more to Dolly’s Dream.

I look forward to continuing our fundraising efforts into the future, hoping to raise even more funds through the Morgan ‘N’ Co fundraising page and merchandise sales. I will continue to help spread awareness about the serious effects of bullying through my small country business.