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Tiny school with a big heart

Tiny school with a big heart

About 18 kilometres north of Mount Barker in WA, a tiny school with a great big heart is preparing some very special landscaping.

The young students of Kendenup Primary School will scatter the meaning of Do It For Dolly Day across their school grounds for everyone who visits to see.

The creative youngsters are writing words and messages on pavers to be laid throughout the gardens and paths.

Teacher Lyn Hambley said the biggest paver will be placed in the rose garden beneath Dolly’s Rose.

“Dolly’s rose is growing really well and we thought that would be a lovely spot for the main paver,” Lyn said.

The students are passionate advocates of the Dolly’s Dream anti-bullying campaign and love to spread the ‘be kind’ message.

Last year, they decorated teddy bears and painted a tree branch blue and all the students wrote a kindness message on a love heart to hang on the tree.

“It’s all about raising awareness,” Lyn said.

“The children know the story of Dolly and in music class they have played the Speak Up CD and sing the song.

“The message we push is be kind and also to speak up if you are in trouble – no matter what it is.”

The Kendenup Primary School students’ kindness messages will be laid out for the whole school community to read.

“Parents and everyone who visits the school will see the students’ words and they will all think a little about spreading kindness, too,” Lyn said.