What we do

What we do

Dolly’s Dream is committed to changing the culture of bullying by addressing the impact of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide through education and direct support to young people and families. 

Through our work at Dolly’s Dream we currently:

  • support schools with our eSmart framework, workshops and kindness activities
  • speak directly to parents through our newsletters, advice columns and Parent Hub portal
  • provide online products to families, helping with those really important conversations
  • assist young people via our workshops, digital products and through our advocacy efforts
  • commit to supporting the wider community, particularly those in rural and regional areas, by providing a free counselling service.
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Dolly's Dream Support Line

Support from a trained counsellor isn’t cheap, and it’s not always accessible, which is why Dolly’s Dream offers a free support line for people who need it most.

No referral is needed, and the line is open to anyone who needs support.

Call or text 0488 881 033
The line is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, to get started.

Dolly’s Dream Workshops

Our refreshed digital safety workshops equip students with the tools and knowledge to keep themselves safe when using devices and connecting to the internet. 

With a greater insight into how to keep themselves safe, children and young people take ownership of their behaviours and actions, making the online world a kind and safe place for all.  

Designed by leading experts and delivered by one of our mental first aid-trained facilitators, our workshops are built to be interactive and engaging, without fear of judgement. 

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Family Tech Plan

Do you have battles with your family over technology use? Do you find it hard to find time as a family to reconnect? Maybe you or someone in your family is losing sleep in favour of screen time? Or perhaps you just want to have more opportunities to talk with your family?

Our Dolly’s Dream Family Tech Plan, supported by Lark Industries, will help with all this and more. It’s not just about technology, it’s about connection – and making time for each other as a family. The end goal is to open up lines of communication with your kids – because we know that communication is key.

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