DigiPledge online safety education for families

What is DigiPledge?

DigiPledge is an online safety tool that families can do together. Comprising eight online modules, it helps stimulate important discussions about online safety between teens and their parents. 

If you’re worried about what your kids are encountering online, DigiPledge can help you work with your teen so you can find comfort in the fact that they know how to make the right choices when they are online. 

It’s all about making the most out of the internet, safely. 

Once you have finished the DigiPledge as a family, you will receive your DigiPledge certificate, which you can sign together, and put in a prominent place to remind yourselves of your pledge to be responsible online. 


Why do the DigiPledge

“The DigiPledge gives you the chance to talk to your kids about their online world. By doing this, they’ll be more comfortable coming to you if they’re being hassled or bullied online. And that’s exactly what you want them to do.” – Kate Everett

The modules

Once you have purchased your DigiPledge and signed in, you will be able to work through all of the modules.

Digital service

Keep your device secure, recognise spam and junk mail and stay safe when downloading and using apps. 

Protecting privacy

Don’t fall for the world of scams – keep your software up to date and watch what information you are sharing online.

Searching and researching

Learn about search engines and how they work, manage hyperlinks and downloads and avoid inappropriate content.

Social media and gaming

The good and the bad of social networking and gaming, including age restrictions, geo-tagging, and digital rights and responsibilities 

Creating and sharing

There is sharing and there is oversharing; keep on top of your digital reputation by watching what you post.

Communicating safely online

Whether it’s instant messaging or image sharing, we all have a role in communicating safely online.

Relationships and reputations

Support your friends online, deal with trolling and aggressive behaviour and ensure you know how to respond to cyber bullying.

Credits, coins and tokens

Manage your online accounts and be aware of in-game and in-app purchases.

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