Wellbeing and kindness package for business
Kindness is critical to everyone’s wellbeing, whether in the online or offline world. To be a champion of kindness is, well, even kinder.

You can be a kindness champion by supporting your employees with the Dolly’s Dream Wellbeing and Kindness Package for staff – and their families. Give the gift of kindness to your parent employees.

What is the Dolly’s Dream wellbeing and kindness package?

The Dolly’s Dream wellbeing and kindness package is designed specifically with businesses in mind.

We know how important it is to keep your staff engaged, and to support them professionally and personally. That’s why we created this offering, so you can support the parents in your workplace, equip them with the knowledge they need to support their family, and see the benefits in return.

The package combines two of our educational programs, virtual Connect and DigiPledge . By taking part, your employees will be able to:

  • develop an understanding of the appeal of social media and how to support young people to stay safe
  • know where and how to report inappropriate content and how best to support kids who are facing harm
  • have access to the latest research regarding online behaviours
  • work alongside their kids to pledge to be kind and stay safe online
  • open lines of communication with their kids
  • increase confidence to have critical conversations with their children
  • learn alongside their kids – they’ll be surprised at what they learn!
  • physically sign a pledge – with their family – to champion kindness.

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