Dolly's Dream workshops

Our range of online safety and anti-bullying workshops can be tailored for students of all ages, as well as parents, teachers and even the general community.

We know that everyone’s level of knowledge of the online world is different, and that’s why we adapt our workshops for each individual audience and their needs. Designed by leading experts and delivered by one of our teacher-trained facilitators, our workshops are built to be interactive and engaging, without fear of judgement. 

Book now and help your community stay safe both on and offline.


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Our workshop topics

Be cyber smart with Buddy
(for prep/foundation)

This workshop gives kids strategies on how to navigate their ever-growing online world safely.

Be cyber smart with Buddy
(for grades 1-2)

With a focus on video platforms and games, this workshop takes kids through steps and strategies on how to connect safely online.

3Rs of online etiquette
(for secondary students)

Tailored to adolescents, this workshop provides an overview of key cyber safety and protective factors, with particular focus on the three Rs – reputation, respect and reflect.

Teaching in a digital world
(for teachers)

Our teacher sessions cover the latest trends, apps, traps and big issues so teachers can help young people navigate the digital world. Staff will gain an understanding of effective responses to cyber bullying and discuss the latest and best industry resources.

Parenting in a digital world
(for parents)

Designed with parents in mind, this workshop offers an insight into the online worlds of young people, including the latest trends, risks and research with a strong focus on social media and gaming. Parents will walk away from these sessions with advice they can use to help manage a child’s life online.

The 3 Cs of cyber safety

Designed for middle primary students, this workshop provides an overview of the key cyber safety topics and protective factors; the 3 Cs – contact, conduct and content . With a focus on the importance of being kind online and thinking before you post.

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