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Agree on your family’s tech use rules before the gifts are unwrapped this Christmas

Agree on your family’s tech use rules  before the gifts are unwrapped this Christmas

Are you giving the gift of tech this Christmas time? Take some time to have a conversation about what agreed tech use looks like in your home before the tech goodies are unwrapped.

Whether your teen spends time online playing games, chatting or on social media, screen time can increase substantially during school holidays – and so can arguments that relate to this.

Arriving in time for the holiday season, anti-bullying organisation Dolly’s Dream is launching a free online family technology plan that will not only provide families with a platform to have a conversation about tech use but will also help resolve family struggles and battles over screen time and other touchy subjects.

Designed with psychologist and Dolly’s Dream advisory board member, Dr Charlotte Keating, the Family Tech Plan aims to build trust between parents/carers and their children.

The founders of Dolly’s Dream, Kate and Tick Everett, said that the plan will shift discussions about when, where and how tech is used in the family home away from an argumentative model to one with shared input and responsibilities – and shared compromises.

“We know that trusting relationships and open communication are strong protective factors when it comes to keeping kids safe from online harm. And no family wants the use of technology, playing computer games and spending time on social media to be a battleground,” she said.

The Dolly’s Dream Family Tech Plan provides an important opportunity for parents and children to have an open dialogue about technology use in their home. Together, they can set rules and limits that work for the whole family. They can specify when they’re going to use technology together, or even when they’re going to have some screen-free time as a family.

Once you complete the online questionnaire, a personalised tech plan for your family will be generated which you can download, print and place on the fridge (or other visible location) to commit to together – as a family.