Dolly’s Dream Support Line

Support from a trained counsellor isn’t cheap, and it’s not always accessible, which is why Dolly’s Dream offers a free support line for people who need it most.

No referral is needed, and the line is open to anyone who needs support. Please note our support line is delivered by Kids Helpline in partnership with Dolly’s Dream.

Call or text 0488 881 033 to connect with a trained counsellor.

The line is open 24/7.

If you would rather webchat than call, please click the button below.



Sue recently contacted the Dolly’s Dream Support Line. Read her story here

Some reasons people call the Dolly's Dream Support Line


I think my teen is being bullied


I need help working with my kids’ school


What do I do about sexting and nudes being sent?


How do I get my teen to ask for help?


I think my kids are chatting to strangers online


I can’t get through to my kids


How do I know if my child is depressed?

Dolly's Dream Support Line FAQs

How much does it cost?

Thanks to funding from Dolly’s Dream, the support line is free of charge.

Who is the support line designed for? Is it only for rural and regional people?

Anyone who needs the help can access the support line for counselling, however we know that in regional and rural communities there are significant barriers to accessing these types of services.

And is it for parents or young people?

Anyone can access the support line. Whether you are a young person experiencing bullying or a parent concerned about what your child is going through, we are here to help.

What training/qualifications do the staff have?

All staff are trained counsellors with recognised qualifications in psychology or counselling.

What happens if a caller can’t get through?

If you can’t get through, you are able to leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

I need urgent help. What should I do?

The Dolly’s Dream Support Line is not a crisis management service and we encourage you to call one of the providers on our Get Help webpage such as Lifeline if the matter is urgent.


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