Our kids need your help

Around one in four Australian school children are bullied and one in five are cyber bullied each year.

But it’s not only our kids who are impacted – around 45 million bullying incidents take place across Australia’s schools annually and it costs our whole community greatly. And for those who lose a loved one because of it, the cost is immeasurable. 

Your generous support enables the development of vital bullying prevention and online safety programs that can be provided to kids, families, schools, and communities across Australia. 

Will you donate today to help protect our kids and stop other precious lives being lost to bullying? 

How will your donation help?

Can provide two adults with knowledge and expert advice that helps them protect their child from online abuse.
Can give five children access to critical education and tools that teach them to be smart, safe and responsible online.
Can provide education to community groups about the devastating effects of bullying and how to protect them and their loved ones.
Can deliver key bullying prevention education to schools that make a real impact in the lives of children and allow them to thrive.